Does BCAA Cause Hair Loss?

Does BCAA cause hair loss is one of the common questions most people ask about BCAA. It has lots of benefits as well as side effects. Let us find out if hair loss is one of the side effects.

Hair Loss

BCAA is very common among athletes, it belongs to the amino acids family. BCAA has lots of benefits like muscle and improving your performance during exercise. BCAA also has some side effects and here we will answer the question does BCAA cause hair loss?

What is BCAA?

BCAA means branched-chain amino acids, and this is a group of essential amino acids like isoleucine, valine, and leucine. They are considered as part of the vital amino acids because they cannot be produced by the body, they can only be gotten into the diet. Unlike the other amino acids, BCAA is broken down in your muscle instead of your liver. 

They give you extra strength during exercise and they are the foundation on which your proteins build in.

BCAA also involves the regulation of blood sugar levels by maintaining the sugar in your bloodstream. Do you always feel tired after your workout? Then maybe you have not tried BCAA. During your exercise, BCAA reduces the production of serotonin in the brain and this gives you enough strength to carry on with your activity. 

The amino acid responsible for building muscle protein is leucine, the ones for the production of energy are isoleucine and valine. It also helps regulate blood sugar. Maybe you do not know, BCAA is one of the safest supplements you can ever take. BCAA supplement comes in different forms like a capsule which you just have to swallow with water and there is also a powder form that you can mix with liquid like water or you can make it into a protein shake. Some BCAA comes with flavor but the best ones are the plain ones which have no flavor at all but it can have a bitter taste compared to those with flavor.

BCAA has to be a long term therapy for it to give its result and it can be taken at any time of the day, it can be before, during, or after a workout, the important thing is that it should increase the level of amino acids in your bloodstream and promote protein synthesis. You can also take BCAA in between your meal if you see that your diet is not giving you the right amount of protein required by your body. Foods like fish, eggs, dairy, meat, and cheese can be taken in place of BCAA but they cannot give you the same level of amino acid. 

Benefits of BCAA

1. BCAAs Prevents Early Fatigue During Vigorous Exercise

 Branched-chain amino acids are live safer during and after vigorous exercise. When you go through the prolonged exercise, your muscles tend to be tired and this is called peripheral fatigue, but with the help of BCAA you can exercise for as long as you want without feeling tired or having post-workout muscle pain. During your exercise time, your body can also go through central fatigue, this is when the brain gets exhausted, however, with the help of BCAAs your brain can be activated and makes it work properly.

2. BCAAs Promote Aerobic and Anaerobic Performance

We all know that BCAAs are more common among athletes and those who are fitness enthusiasts. Taking BCAAs increases your performance because it gives you strength and you do not feel weak or tired during and after the exercise. When you are doing your exercise one of the things that discourage you from going further is when you do not have the strength to do it well and this makes your performance very low, but with the help of this protein called BCAAs, you can perform all your tasks during your workout session. 

3. BCAAs Fortify The Immune System

 High intense exercise or workout can make you weak and worn out and it can also lead to immunosuppression as well as fatigue. Some study shows that supplementing on BCAAs can help regenerate the cells in your immune system which will give you protection from any infection or pathogens. All athletes need a good and well-fortified immune system because of the stress they do go through, if not they will keep on falling sick every now and then.

4. Protects Your Muscle from Wasting

 When you exercise, no matter how simple the exercise or the workout is, it causes the breakdown of muscle protein and it also causes muscle wasting. A good way to prevent muscle wasting is to supplement BCAAs since they are amino acids and they act as protein which is essential for muscle growth.

5. Promotes Synthesis Of Muscle Protein 

Leucine which is one of the amino acids in BCAA is good for muscle synthesis which is important for building the muscle, no wonder why weightlifters love BCAA. Every athlete who goes through vigorous training needs a type of protein or amino acid to sustain the life of the muscle. 

6. Reduces Muscle Soreness

 BCAAs is well known again for how it eradicates muscle pain after a workout. Taking BCAA helps in the prevention of muscle damage due to vigorous exercise, even though you can eat food high in protein to prevent muscle damage but it is still important to get supplements that will help muscle synthesis and improve the growth of the muscle.

Does BCAA Cause Hair Loss?

Lots of people have asked if BCAA has any link with hair loss, the answer is no. Of all the side effects of BCAA, hair loss is not one of them. instead of hair loss, amino acids help with hair growth and also help prevent hair loss. For your hair growth to improve, it requires potassium ions which are found in BCAA so there is no way BCAA can make you lose your hair unless you have some other underlying medical condition.  

Athletes do use BCAA for its ability to increase growth hormones which include your hair as well. BCAA helps stimulate the potassium ions to their optimal level and this gives life to your hair follicles leading to the prevention of hair loss and promotion of hair growth.

We hope to have answered your question: does BCAA cause hair loss? By now you should already have the answer and this will make you understand better the importance of amino acids.

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